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Heating and Cooling curves are used to describe the phase changes as a solid is heated or a gas is cooled.  You must be able to label all phase changes and draw these graphs when given appropriate data. 

1 - 2: Heating of a Solid
2 - 5: Melting of a Solid (Fusion)
5 - 10: Heating of a Liquid
10 - 14: Boiling of a Liquid (Vaporization)
14 - 16: Heating of a Gas


1 - 3: Cooling of a Gas
3 - 7: Condensation of a Gas
7 - 12: Cooling of a Liquid
12 - 15: Freezing of a Liquid
15 - 16: Cooling of a Solid
Sublimation - Occurs when a solid changes directly into a gas
Deposition - Occurs when a gas changes directly into a solid


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